Live Cooking

Live Cooking Packages
Elevate your events with live cooking demonstrations and elegant displays by Banquet’s elite team of talented chefs. Using the latest European equipment, designed exclusively for live cooking, Banquet’s chefs will wow your guests with delicious flavors and superior service.

Eggs – Saaj – Falafel & Fried – Savories – Burger – Shawarma – Pasta – On The Grill – Tandoori – Waffle – Kuwaiti Sweets Corner – Kunafa – Chocolate Fountain

Eggs Station
Whether you like your eggs in an omelet or sunny side up, Banquet’s egg station is sure to cater to your craving. A specialized Banquet chef will prepare your guests’ orders live with a selection of fresh vegetables and ingredients at your home or office breakfast buffets.

Saaj Station
Banquet’s saaj (thin Arabic bread) is served with an array of toppings and condiments to personalize the experience for each of your guests.

Falafel & Fried Savories
This unique Banquet station presents your guests with a selection of traditional falafel and fried savories prepared with Banquet’s exclusive recipes. The chef fries the falafel and savories for your guests live, and then tops them off with sauces and stuffing of their choice.

Burger Station
Banquet’s burger station offers a live grill of our house beef and chicken patty recipes presented with a side of French fries and cold beverages.

Shawarma Station
Whether at a family gathering or a party with friends, shawarma is always a favorite among guests—and Banquet’s delicious shawarma, made live with a selection of sauces and toppings, is sure to please.

Pasta Station
Take your pick from Banquet’s wide pasta variety topped with your choice of sauce, additions, and vegetables. A Banquet chef specialized in Italian cuisine will oversee this station using safe, up-to-date, and elegant European equipment to ensure the highest quality of service for you and your guests.

On The Grill
At the beach house, ranch, home or office, give your barbeques a twist of luxury with Banquet’s elegant grilling station that provides a delicious assortment of kabobs, tikka, shish tawuk, and other meats presented with a selection of salads and cold beverages.

Waffle Station
Everyone loves the smell of freshly made waffles, and the Banquet waffle station does not disappoint. The waffles are made as you wait and finished with your choice of fruits, chocolate, and syrups. This station is a delectable addition to both breakfast and dessert buffets.

Kuwaiti Sweets Corner
Add a touch of tradition to your event with Banquet’s Kuwaiti sweets corner holding a variety of your favorite Kuwaiti desserts from rahash to simsimiya, and from halva to luqaimat, all presented in traditional trays of elegant design.

Kunafa Station
Banquet’s chef specialized in Arabic cuisine and Eastern pastry carefully prepares this succulent Arabic dessert for your guests over a simmering stove and serves it in individual portions perfectly garnished with chopped pistachio and syrup.

Chocolate Fountain
Banquet’s exquisite chocolate fountain is a stunning addition to any party, presented with an elegant display of diced fruits and cake for individual dipping, this station’s luxury is sure to be the talk of the town.